New Protagonists of Christmas 2018 by Kleraderm!

Christmas is almost upon us! The sumptuously lit streets of the city are filled with electrifying frenzy and animated people looking for the perfect gift.Even the tree and the crib that will soon fill our homes seem to imply a better life, to be developed in love and mutual respect. Oh yes … at Christmas we are all better but to be good with others you have to be at peace with yourself: this is why it is essential to… Read More »New Protagonists of Christmas 2018 by Kleraderm!

Pollution I don’t fear you…!

Did you know that the pollution could break the skin barrier, damage the production of collagen and increase free radicals? Kleraderm has created ClimateDifence that acts against the inviroment at 360°. Its active ingredients create a real barrier that defend and fortify the skin to the action of pollutants. The climate defense line consists of four products: CITY BLOCK BUTTER guarantees a deep but not aggressive cleansing with shea butter, cacao butter, almond oil, hemp oil and calendula extract CITY… Read More »Pollution I don’t fear you…!