6 precious tips to always have perfect skin!

1) Cleansing Milk: essential product to remove makeup residues and make-up.

Many women are reluctant to use cleansing milk convinced that it should only be applied with a cotton swab and prefer to use other products to save time. Instead, its use is very simple: just like beauticians do in beauty salons, you can apply directly with your hands as if it were a liquid soap and proceed to massage the face with circular movements. At the end of this operation, do not forget to rinse well!

Frequency: morning and evening

2) Tonic: a product often forgotten in everyday skincare, the tonic is fundamental because it brings the skin back to its natural acidity and protects it from the calcareous action of tap water. It is very important therefore to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients of the mask and cream will be applied later. Its use is very easy: take a cotton swab soaked in the product and pass it everywhere, including the neck!

Frequency: morning and evening after cleansing milk

3) Exfoliating: removes dead cells and facilitates cellular turnover. There are many types of exfoliating: the mechanical one, or “scrub”, produces a slight superficial abrasion and is precious to help the renewal of the tissues and the reproductive process of the epidermis.

Then we have the gommage, or the “softer” version of the scrub, often based on rice powder or oats, indicated to treat sensitive skin. Finally, the peeling consists of acids or enzymes, keratolytic agents that decompose dead cells and facilitate cell turnover.

Which is the most suitable for our skin? The scrub is suitable for normal or oily skin, and scrubs for the most sensitive, while for peeling it is advisable to contact your esthetic center.

Frequency: 1 time per week. No more so to dry it too much!

4) Mask: now there are all kinds of masks. Some have immediate effect, others need some application to have a soft and luminous skin. For the choice of the mask it is necessary to ask our esthetic center of trust. Otherwise if you are sure of your skin type all that remains is to proceed with the purchase and apply it consistently. The face mask is in fact the secret of a young and fresh complexion

Frequency: 1 or 2 times a week

5) Serum: whey is a highly concentrated product and because of this characteristic it is quickly absorbed by the skin, carrying out a short and immediate action. An indispensable product for an impact action towards a particular type of imperfection

Frequency: apply once or more times a day before the cream

6) Cream: this is the final touch to keep the skin soft and radiant. To be applied morning and evening until completely absorbed.

Frequency: morning and evening

Be constant and see how your skin changes after only 3 weeks!

Wonderfully soft, luminous and smooth!