New Protagonists of Christmas 2018 by Kleraderm!

Christmas is almost upon us! The sumptuously lit streets of the city are filled with electrifying frenzy and animated people looking for the perfect gift.Even the tree and the crib that will soon fill our homes seem to imply a better life, to be developed in love and mutual respect. Oh yes … at Christmas we are all better but to be good with others you have to be at peace with yourself: this is why it is essential to carve out moments during the day to devote to the care of the body

Kleraderm created this precious Kit for a perfect daily body care, whose package consists of:


Nourishing moisturizing body emulsion, ideal for sensitive skin. Its mixing, rich in precious oils, visibly improves the hydration and elasticity of the skin


Emotional exfoliating butter, rich in precious and selected vegetable oils. The exfoliating micro particles – 100% natural – remove dead cells, impurities and nourish with valuable antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. In contact with the skin, it becomes a perfumed oil ideal for wrapping and sensory massages


Cream rich in beeswax and vitamin F, moisturizes, nourishes, prevents and contrasts cracking, protects from atmospheric agents.

SERUM 15 ml

Fluid with a high concentration of active ingredients such as aloe vera, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It is particularly indicated in the intensive treatment of dehydrated skin. It gives flexibility and elasticity

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Merry Christmas from Kleraderm!