Gynecological Line

The daily intimate hygiene is the first step of well-being and health for the body.

The genital system is very delicate and sensitive therefore it requires specific and constant care to prevent discomfort and irritations. Even the vaginal epithelium changes with age, the mucosa tends to dry out, lose elasticity and its natural barrier function. The natural vaginal environment has a bacterial flora which determines physiological pH, alkaline in childhood, pregnancy and menopause, acid throughout the fertile period.

The intimate pH is the main defense against microorganisms, external agents and it preserves skin’s integrity and elasticity.

Stress, hormonal changes, environments and hazardous habits (swimming pools, gyms, casual and / or unprotected sex, travel, incorrect food) can threaten the balance of the vaginal system. The physiological mechanisms are no longer able to defend against the entrance of pathogens and irritation like itching and other annoying discomforts.

A thorough cleansing of genitals, distinguish your own towel, limit the use of tight clothing and synthetic fabrics are as simple as fundamental acts of prevention.

Kleraderm offers Clea as gynecological answer for your daily personal hygiene: basic, safe and gentle. Always pleasantly refreshed, “intimately protected”.

Clea – Woman Moisturizing Cream for Genital Use

Clea – Woman Intimate Cleanser

Clea Fito – Moisturizing Gel for Genital Use

Clea – Men’s Intimate Cleanser

Clea – Men’s Moisturizing Ointment For Genital Use