Kleraderm offers Aromacosmesi Synergies Line as precious blends of functional essential oils carefully selected and formulated to minimize the risk of cutaneous hypersensitivity and ensure safe use to both the consumer and the professional operator who handles them every day in large quantities.

All formulas are synergies at optimal concentration of Essential Oils, more tolerable and easy to use and properly diluted in base oils such as Sweet Almond and Grapeseed. Single Essential Oils, in fact, must be diluted in accordance with the suggested percentages and without abuse.


Never use single essence of Essential Oils during pregnancy, breastfeeding, with children, sensitive skin and allergy prone people.

Despite the higher tolerance, never use Synergy of Essential Oils during pregnancy, breastfeeding or with children under 5 years of age.


To preserve their effectiveness and aroma over time, keep the bottles closed, away from light and in a cool place.