The Sun…precious and fearful friend at the same time, well-known and everywhere: hidden by dark clouds, reflected by water, snow and glass.

It takes care of our most golden beauty and good mood, acts as natural antidepressant and improves dermatological diseases and vitamin D synthesis, essential in calcium fixation and bones structure. Unfortunately, it is also responsible for important cell damages that must not be underestimated: sunburn, erythema, dehydration, photo-aging and premature wrinkles, dark spots and even more skin cancer.

Kleraderm offers Klerasol to meet the needs of all skin types before, during and after sun exposure with different sunscreen (SPF – Sun Protection Factor) to protect each kind of phototype.

A balanced mix of UVA and UVB filters, rich vegetable oils and antioxidant, nourishing and hydrating actives preserve the hydrolipidic barrier against radicals induced by UV rays and limits dehydration, premature aging and uneven pigmentation.

With an effective protection and optimal tolerability, our body shows a luminous, homogenous healthy glow and hydrated, nourished and elasticized skin looking. As beautiful as the Sun!

SPF 50
high protection Anti-age Face

SPF 50
high protection Baby