Aromacosmesi is Kleraderm line of pure, highly selected essential oils. Natural products obtained by extraction from herbs, fruits, medicinal and aromatic plants. Once having been extracted, these oils contain the most precious part of the plant together with all the beneficial properties and their fine aroma.
They act on the central nervous system level, getting in contact with the oldest part of the brain, the limbic system.
These substances stimulate the mood and the body organs which need their support. They provide harmony and wellbeing, counteracting stress, anxiety and life imbalances, leading to happiness and euphoria status, acting also as a sedative for body pain.

Essential oils have many cosmetic properties and methods of use:

Massage Essential oils mixed in a suitable organic oil such as jojoba oil or sweet almond oil, can give particularly well-being and healthy status both for body, mind and psyche. Add 2 to 5 drops of essential oil onto your massage oil or massage cream.
Through the massage the healing substances will be transferred from the skin into the bloodstream, stimulating and toning. Essential oils, in this way, develop their own benevolent and healing properties onto the skin.

Aromatic baths Fill the bath tub with warm (28-30°C) or hot (35-38°C) water. Add 5 to 12 drops of essential oil and dive in. The temperature allows essences to act on the skin and through the vapor breathing too.
Exfoliation before bathing is suggested to remove dead cells and prepare the skin to better receive active ingredients.

Foot and hand baths Fill a bowl with hot water (35-38°C) and add 8 to 10 drops of essential oil. Dive hands up to the wrists or feet up to the ankles, keeping constant the temperature. 

Fumigations Fill a bowl with boiling water and add 2 to 8 drops of essential oil. Cover the head with a towel and inhale vapour for max 3 minutes. Stop for a couple of minutes and restart until the steam is over.

Inhalations and rooms diffusers Add 2-4 drops of essential oil in a towel and deeply inhale 3 times. It is possible to mix up to 3 essential oils.  Add 2-4 drops of essential oil in diffuser to perfume rooms.

Never give to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and infants under 3 years, or in presence of kidney diseases. Make a test at a lower dosage when using a substance for the first time and evaluate the personal reactivity. Do not mix more than 3 essential oils at the same time.Do not apply essential oils before sun exposure or UV lamp, because it can cause sensitization and hyper pigmentation.Do not apply pure essentials oils directly on the skin because they may increase the phenomena of sensitization, allergic reactions and irritation.