Body Emulsions by Space of Essence

Glow and seductive fragrance, a sweet kindness for our skin.

The massage, a gesture that combines the pleasure of a sublime perfume enveloping with the desire of taking care our own skin.

A cuddle to be done both in the beauty center as well as at home, letting the ingredients present in Body Emulsions by Space of Essence express their full efficacy against sagging tissue and loss of tone.

Body Emulsions by Space of Essence have a light and delicate texture, with moisturizing and nourishing action. The Sweet Almond Oil, the Argan Oil and Grapeseed Oil give an emollient and moisturizing surplus, protecting the skin from external agents aggression or from a water excessively harsh. The Beeswax, an eudermic natural substance, protects gently the skin without affecting the cutaneous breathing.
Extracts of Calendula and Aloe Vera harmonize skin equilibrium enhancing the physiological functions.

Each fragrance is a different emotion. A magical atmosphere of scents that convey a feeling of serenity and complete abandon.