Daily clarifying and smoothing treatment to correct dark spots and uneven skin pigmentation on face, neck, décolleté and hands.

The origin of the dark spots is a process of overproduction, irregular distribution and accumulation of melanin on the surface of our skin. Melanin is a physiological cutaneous pigment, precious natural sunscreen that protects against UV rays by oxidizing and darkening itself and coloring our complexion with an even and typically “healthy” aspect. Its irregular production along with dehydration, reduced cell turnover and loss of elasticity make the complexion lose uniformity, brightness and vitality.

The causes are many: sun, acne, age, hormonal disease, pregnancy, medicines, oxidative stress.

UV filter are therefore crucial to prevent their occurrence and depigmentation treatment with melanin inhibitor and turnover enhancer as well if spots are already present, to maintain a visibly smoother and younger look.

Kleraderm offers Omorfies as a cosmetic solution with fruit acids, vitamins and natural extracts to slow down Tyrosinase process (the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of melanin – melanogenesis) and promote hydration and nourishment, restoring the correct, even complexion.

Spots become paler, skin regains hydration, protection and perfection for a renewed radiance and homogeneity.