The skin is a living tissue that requires regular and constant blood supply to receive crucial nutrition and oxygen to be vital, healthy and beautiful looking. With time the blood circulation may be altered and Collagen fibers, essential for skin support, weaken leaving the skin less supple and firmed.

Moreover weight changes, pregnancy, excessive sun exposure, physical inactivity, poor diet or drinking not enough water can lead to tissue depletion and “structural failure” resulting in the appearance of blemishes, loss of tone, stretch marks and imperfect shapes or “empty” volumes.

Kleraderm offers Rassoderm to tone up the most critical areas such as breast and abdomen, hind, legs and arms. It prevents and reduces skin sagging, blemishes and stretch marks all over the body.

The synergy of selected active promotes blood circulation and Collagen and Elastin production to nourish, moisturize and increase skin density and elasticity for a visibly softer and firmer, reshaped silhouette.

Firming treatment for abdomen, arms and legs. It effectively improves supporting cells renewal and tissues elasticity counteracting and preventing the appearance of stretch marks. It reshapes the critical points giving new compactness.