Kleraderm Baby

Children’s skin, velvety and soft, is extremely delicate and sensitive. It needs special care and attention since it is naturally thinner with an incomplete protective barrier not yet able to fully defend against external aggressions. Wind, sun and cold easily chap and redden it as well as body’s secretions like sweat, urine, feces and saliva to deeply and accurately clean everytime.

Kleraderm Baby is the cosmetics line ​​suitable for Mom and Baby who cares about the health and beauty of their skin.

From prevention of stretch marks in pregnant and lactating women, to the early days of newborns, at all stages of their growth, from diaper changes to the bath.
Dermatologically tested effective formulas, optimal tolerance, no parabens, the most delicate surfactants to respect skin’s pH, restore proper hydration and prevent and reduce discomfort and redness. The baby-friendly cosmetics.