Harmony and sinuosity of the silhouette are traditional standards of beauty and well-being. Without any doubt the female body is the first instrument to shape them and take care of their expression.

The cure of our body is certainly not only associated with vanity and must not be temporary. Beauty flaws are indeed the result of daily problems that deprive our body of beauty and also leave a mark on the individual state of health.

The most visible effects are:

  • water retention and swelling
  • localized adiposity:  increased volume of adipocytes (hypertrophia) due to slow circulation, commonly in abdomen, love handles, coulotte de cheval, hips
  • cellulite: fibro sclerotic disease of tissues with a state of edema-adiposity. It is characterized by irregular venous – lymphatic circulation, resulting in water retention and fat cells stock with the typical orange peel and mattress aspect

The most common causes are:

  • genetics: race, sex, familiarity
  • hormon: puberty, pregnancy, menopause, therapies, diseases
  • exogen:   sedentary lifestyle, diet rich in salt/fat and poor of water, smoking, alcohol,  stress, tight cloths and too high/flat shoes, postural problems

Kleraderm offers Celliderm as a cosmetic answer based on the best and most powerful plant origin actives. It helps to improve capillary circulation and lipolysis for a draining and slimming effect to regain tone, smoothness and supple-looking skin for the beauty and wellness of the whole body.