Directly extracted from the Dead Sea, it offers its natural and untouched properties.  It is a powerful beauty and wellness treatment, extremely effective.  The high content of minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Sodium and Calcium makes it precious for the body’s care and nutrition. Applied at 38 degrees, it contrasts cellulites signs and reactivates fat metabolism. Draining molecules help to eliminate swelling caused by liquid excess, stimulating the microcirculation.  Skin is purified, cleaned and nourished and regains its compact texture, harmony and beauty.

 How To Use 

Heat au bain marie and distribute the product on the areas affected by localized fat, swelling and cellulite. Wrap the body in cartene and leave on for 25-30 minutes. Remove with water.


It contains Fucus, avoid with thyroid diseases.

Professional Use 1000 g

Code TH20