Lipolytic Mud Oil

Precious lipolytic mud oil with Seaweed and Dolomites Silt. Ideal for external treatment of cellulite, localized fat, dull and toneless. Naturally rich in iodine, vitamins and oligoelements, it promotes a powerful lipolytic action and helps to reduce water retention by eliminating toxins and fluids excess. The tissues appear drained, the skin smooth and firm.

How to Use

In contact with skin the mud turns into a massage oil extremely fluid. It can also be used as a body wrap applying uniformly about 50 ml of product and leave on for 25 to 40 minutes. Remove with warm wet towels or water proceeding to subsequent treatments


It contains Fucus, avoid in case of thyroid diseases.

Professional Use 1000 ml

Code TH25


Key Ingredients

Dolomites Silt

Laminaria Digitata

Palm Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Ginger Root Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Clove Flower Oil

Fennel Oil