Glicoderm comes from the greek word “glicos “: sugar, sweet. Sweet like the newfound vitality and softness of the skin, Glico like the chemical process of “glycation” that occurs between the molecules during skin-aging. Glico like the name of one of the most famous and valuable leaders of cosmetics: the Glycolic Acid. Kleraderm offers Glicoderm as intensive renewal treatment for dull and uneven skin with blemishes and expression wrinkles, acne marks, dehydration and thick layer of dead cells. The synergy between alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins and herbal ingredients exfoliates the surface layer removing dead cells, impurities, imperfections and promoting skin turnover.The brightness is visibly restored, the skin is immediately moisturized, smoothed and defined with a new beauty and healthier look.

Intensive clarifying exfoliating treatment. Ideal to correct dark spots, discolorations, complexion’s imperfections and acne scars.

It evens out the skin’s color and smooths the texture thanks to the sinergy with Glycolic Acid that favors superficial exfoliation and colored cells gradual removal.

It restores luminosity and uniformity, it attenuates wrinkles, improves hydration and the superficial skin layer appears smooth and firm.

Highlight: Glicoderm Cleansing Gel, Etenia Whitening Cream, Ophelie Cream.

Perfect treatment for greasy, prone to acne skin, it reduces impurities, tightens pores, attenuates scars and regulates sebum production controlling the pH.

Il stimulates the cells turnover supporting skin renewal and repairing processes.

HIghlight: Glicoderm Cleansing Gel, Regulating Helycrisum Cream, Purifying Fluid.

The current Biotechnology for a smooth, radiant ad firm face look. It acts against wrinkles and expression lines, hydrates, nourishes and improves reparation processes leaving compact and defined tissues.

Highlight: Glicoderm Cleansing Gel, Radiant & Restoring Intensive Serum, Radiant Day Cream.