Hydratation and Idroderm words come from the greek “hydros”: water. Water is the first element of our planet, essential for life in all its forms. The more abundant it flows, the more luxuriant is the nature around. Water is predominant in our body too and the skin directly capitalizes its vitality and energy showing health and beauty, especially in the face.

The minimum nutritional or water deficit leaves a clear mark on skin’s surface and it quickly becomes cracked, wrinkled, uneven and feels uncomfortable.

Kleraderm offers Idroderm as intensive moisturizing and repairing treatment for dry, dehydrated and poor in lipids skin.

Thanks to precious fortifying actives, it helps to preserve hydro-lipidic film, restore the correct moisture balance and water content in the epidermis, nourish the upper layers and protect against UV rays fighting the early appearance of skin aging.
Face look is visibly transformed, smooth, soft and fortified, finds nourishment and wellness for a natural beauty and radiance.

Collagen and Elastin global anti-wrinkles concentrate. It renews elastic fibers to restore firmness, elasticity and tone.
Effective prevention of dehydration, it protects from UV rays and environmental agents. Skin regains softness, freshness sensation and a smooth and bright look.