Vegetal Bio-Cellulose Regenerating Mask

Regenerating anti-aging mask based on vegetal Bio-Cellulose

Innovative anti-aging mask based on vegetal Bio-Cellulose. Revolutionary eudermic mask obtained by natural fermentation of Coconut milk, it acts as a second skin on the face. It soothes and moisturizes the skin restoring a fresh, smooth and radiant look. When applied it forms a protective film that carries the precious active ingredients of the activator serum, where the sheet is soaked. The formula, enriched with vegetal Stem Cells, stimulates the dormant biological process, strengthens and regenerates tissues in depth for a total anti-aging intensive action. Skin texture regains firmness, radiance and beauty.

 How to use

Open the aluminum sachet where biocellulose mask is placed between two protective sheets. Remove coatings and proceed with the application of the mask on your face, previously cleansed and exfoliated. Adhere first from the forehead, around the eyes then around mouth and chin. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove without rinsing. Proceed with following treatments. Single-dose and single-use product.