Golden Amber Exfoliator

Golden Amber Exfoliator

Natural scrub with Amber golden powder and Dead Sea Salts. Thanks to regenerating and exfoliating properties, it removes dead skin cells combining the purity of crystalline salts with detoxifying Succinic Acid inside the precious Baltic resin.

Effective against swelling and water retention, restores silhouette firmness and uniformity in a sensory journey of wellness.
Smoothness and gold, the charm on your skin.

How to Use

Mix 15-20 gr of Golden Amber Exfoliator with 60 ml of Amber and Argan Nature Oil. Apply and massage with circular motions all over the body. If desired, leave on for about 10 minutes. Remove residues with a warm wet towel or shower.

Professional Use 500 g

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Amber Powder

Succinic Acid

Dead Sea Salt