Golden Amber Massage

Golden Amber Massage

Honey massage with Argan oil and Golden Amber powder. It combines the natural nourishing and elasticizing properties of Argan with the detoxifying action of succinic acid contained in Amber powder. Effective against dryness and dehydration, restores firmness and uniformity to the silhouette acting as global corrector of wrinkles and stretch marks. It infuses with an intense and sensuous fragrance that stimulates reactivates the soul, awakens the senses relieving stress and muscle tension. Perfect synergy for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage for skin sagging with loss of tone. Skin appears instantly healthy, smooth and preciously gold.

How to Use

Massage all over the body until completely absorbed.
If desired, rub in before a relaxing bath or shower as a softening cleanser. 


Professional Use 400

Home Care  170 ml

Code AMB3




Argan Oil

Succinic Acid

Grape Seed Oil

Sweet Almond Oil