Amber Pinda

Amber Pinda

Precious nuggets of pure Baltic Amber. Antioxidant and draining Succinic Acid contained in the resin reawekens the body’s functions by heating and rubbing. Ideal for relaxing massage to envelop the body in a total well-being ritual, it evokes an holy purification to relieve fatigue, stress and absorbe negativity.

How to Use

Take a square of tissue and put the Amber nuggets on the centre. Connect four tips of the square together and tie with a string for the bundle shaped “Pinda”. Warm up 60 ml of Amber & Argan Nature Oil and pour about 20 ml on the body to help Pinda’s slip. Submerge bundles into warm oil left or,if available, put into a vaporizer. Massage it.


MULTIPLE USE: does not deteriorate, infinite number of massages. 

Purify the Pindas after each treatment: put in a water bowl and leave few hours next to a light source or direct sunlight (early morning or before sunset). 

Rinse under running water and let them dry.

Professional Use 100 g of Baltic Amber nuggets, 2 squares of cloth and two cotton strings

Code AMB5 




Polished Baltic Amber nuggets