Self-tan Face and Body Emulsion

Self-tan Face and Body Emulsion

Self-bronzing, intensive moisturizing and nourishing emulsion. It donates a sunless safe, progressive and uniform color. Thanks to precious oils and highly emollient actives, it gives new elasticity and nourishment. Skin looks soft, velvety and extremely radiant. Ultra-fast absorption.

HOW TO USE: after perfect cleansing, pat dry and evenly apply on the skin. Daily use allows a progressive and long-lasting effect. When the desired color appears, reduce applications to keep a radiant look. Wait for about 20 minutes before washing and getting dressed.

WARNING: rinse well the hands after using. Not contains UV filters. Avoid eyes area, in case of contact rinse well.

HOME CARE: 150 ml



Palm oil

Almond oil

Wheat Germ



Aloe Vera gel

Natural Moisturizing Factor