Butter Scrub

Special Valentine Day with Kleraderm

At Valentine Day surrender yourself to passion, with a special beauty kit designed for you by Kleraderm. The exotic fragrance of Passion Fruit with its delicious and seductive notes of sweet femininity will wrap you in a sweet pleasure cloud, for a skin immediately soft and silky. Ready to be kissed! Let’s start preparing your body few days before Valentine’s Day. Apply the Emotional Passion Fruit Butter Scrub, rich in sugar crystals combined with the seed kernels of its fruit, for… Read More »Special Valentine Day with Kleraderm

Body Emulsions for Autumn Season

Body Emulsions by Space of Essence are here! Light and delicate texture, to be combined with Kleraderm Butter Scrub for a skin always hydrated and pleasantly scented, both in autumn as well as in the rest of the year. Take a moment to relax yourself with a fruity massage in our selected beauty centers and SPA, and do not forget your beauty routine at home. Every person has its own preferred fragrance: choose yours and, together with ad hoc diet,… Read More »Body Emulsions for Autumn Season