Hyaluronic Acid

High-Tech Beauty for Winter Holidays

TOTAL PROTECTION – Never underestimate sun’s rays at high altitude. Erythema and skin dyschromia are under the corner even in winter. That’s why the daily face cream should have a sun protection factor, better if combined with antioxidants and soothing active principles such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and panthenol. Neogenesis Radiant Day Cream with SPF 15 contains hyaluronic acid in 3 different molecular weights, for a powerful moisturizing and anti-aging filler action. In addition, vegetal DNA and vegetal stem cells… Read More »High-Tech Beauty for Winter Holidays

Skin hydrated with Idroderm!

In order to have a skin always radiant and bright, your face needs a daily and gentle cleansing followed by the right level of hydration. Proper cleansing is the basis for your face care: in the morning it helps to rid the skin from dead cells, making it smooth and silky, ready for the makeup. In the evening it removes make-up residues and eliminates all the impurities accumulated during the day, such as climate pollution. The effects of external weather… Read More »Skin hydrated with Idroderm!