NECTAR OIL – Antiage Dry Oil, an authentic Elisir of Beauty

  Precious Elixir  that brings the power of nature treasures able to give brightness and to reborn your skin. To improve tissue elasticity and to give wellness and a fresh appearance to the face skin, Kleraderm R&D Laboratory created NECTAR OIL, rich blend of vegetal oils like Cotton Oil, Linseed Oil and Argan Oil, with nourishing and replumping efficacy. Natural oils are helpful with managing extreme conditions such as cold and strong stress, they are a great alternative to nourishing creams,… Read More »NECTAR OIL – Antiage Dry Oil, an authentic Elisir of Beauty

Skin hydrated with Idroderm!

In order to have a skin always radiant and bright, your face needs a daily and gentle cleansing followed by the right level of hydration. Proper cleansing is the basis for your face care: in the morning it helps to rid the skin from dead cells, making it smooth and silky, ready for the makeup. In the evening it removes make-up residues and eliminates all the impurities accumulated during the day, such as climate pollution. The effects of external weather… Read More »Skin hydrated with Idroderm!