Skin hydrated with Idroderm!

Idroderm per sito

In order to have a skin always radiant and bright, your face needs a daily and gentle cleansing followed by the right level of hydration.

Proper cleansing is the basis for your face care: in the morning it helps to rid the skin from dead cells, making it smooth and silky, ready for the makeup. In the evening it removes make-up residues and eliminates all the impurities accumulated during the day, such as climate pollution.

The effects of external weather agents, in fact, attack and get the skin deprived of its water balance.

The moisturizing products from IDRODERM line are used to restore and enhance the hydrolipidic layer, a protective and waterproof film used to retain moisturization inside the skin.

This film is a real barrier for the human body, that acts both to the outside (to avoid water content dispersion), both inwardly (to protect it from environmental aggression).

Have a look at Idroderm product line and read Kleraderm Beauty Magazine dedicated to hydration!